Freight Forwarding

With more than 80 years of experience, JOHN F. KILROY CO., INC, provides ideas and service to help you create, design, implement, and keep you informed on every aspect of your supply chain. Our worldwide network of agents allow for a vast and diverse range of shipping to accommodate your needs and expectations. Every importer and exporter is unique, we have knowledge and understanding of the way Transportation agencies operate, how your cargo can be effected by changes in the market, how U.S. Trade agreements, and various U.S. Government agencies can help to improve your supply chain.

We create and customize shipping options to best fit your needs. Our customers thrive on flexible and reliable solutions. We will provide door to door shipping or any variation of your terms of sale, so you can focus on buying and selling management. Our focus is simple, our service and dedication is evident to those companies with years of experience and to new importers and exporters who need a helping hand in arranging logistics. We are proud of the loyalty and support of our customer base.  We have a strong relationship with our worldwide networks of agents.  Our staff is experienced, well trained and ready to assist you.

Services include the following :

  • OTI / FMC License # 114
  • Consolidation
  • Import / Export
  • Distribution
  • Door to Door Service
  • Tracing
  • Pre-Alert and Shipment Status Reports
  • Letters of Credit
  • Insurance
  • Foreign Origins to Foreign Destinations